5 Reasons You Should Join MTN Uganda

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MTN Uganda has proved to be a commanding giant in the telecom industry of Uganda since 1998.

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As of 30 June 2017, MTN Uganda was the largest telecom company in Uganda, with 11.2 million subscribers. This number has since then risen, with MTN Uganda introducing many incentives and campaigns to capture both the young and old.

It is nearly impossible to make your way on the streets and not land on an MTN poster or advert. MTN Uganda has aggressively branded themselves with strategies targeting both the old (The days of Bosco) and young (MTN Pulse). Without a doubt, this has given MTN Uganda a stamina over its competitors, with its compelling and attractive offers. Many popular events around Uganda have been branded MTN’s yellow, emitting off the fact that MTN Uganda is taking charge of all this.

With all this branding and lucrative offers, MTN Uganda has proved competent in the telecommunications sector, and is indeed worth joining.

Below, I share with you 5 reasons why you should Join MTN Uganda.

NOTE: This is not a promotional post.


Cheap Mobile Money Rates

MTN Uganda

When the year had begun, MTN Uganda made changes to their Mobile Money rates. This was an increase, which didn’t make most of its customers happy.

MTN Uganda currently has very low charges on Money transfer for MTN to MTN transactions.

For non-MTN transactions, the prices are still fairly low, and moderate as compared to other competitors.

Here is an UPDATED list of MTN Uganda’s transaction rates.

MTN Uganda2 - ugtechmag.com

MTN Uganda has also gone ahead to encourage transactions across East Africa. From Uganda, you can send money to anyone in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda or Burundi.

MTN Uganda 3- ugtechmag.com

Fast and Cheap internet bundles

MTN Uganda has proved to offer quite a number of cheap bundles, as compared to its competitors.

These include:

The MTN MyPakaPaka MBs

These are different from the daily, weekly or monthly bundles.

They come at a cheaper price as compared to the daily bundles.

To access MTN MyPakaPaka MBs:

  • Dial *150#
  • Select option 5 (MyPakaPaka)
  • Select option 2 (MyPakaPaka MBs)

NOTE: These expire in 24 hours, and vary for every MTN user.

The MTN Dabolo Campaign

Currently, MTN Uganda is running a campaign where it is offering double of any daily bundle you choose to buy. This campaign may elapse, BUT while it still lasts, MTN Uganda’s customers are very excited and thrilled to have such a cheap deal.

To be able to purchase data from the MTN Dabolo Campaign:

  • Dial *150*10#
  • Select any of the daily data packages you wish to buy, and it will be doubled.

MTN Data Tooti

The tooti bundle is as cheap as UGX 500, and expires in exactly 1 hour.

With this, you are offered only 60MB, in case of a rush hour to download something with little cash, the Tooti is your go-to bundle.

In order to buy the Tooti bundle:

  • Dial *150#
  • Select Option 1
  • Select Option 1 again
  • Select Option 6 (Tooti Bundle)

MTN Night Shift Bundle

For the night escapades, MTN Uganda has the night bundle which is for as low as UGX 2000.

For 1GB, you are able to surf from midnight to 6:00am in the morning.

In order to buy the Tooti bundle:

  • Dial *150#
  • Select Option 1
  • Select Option 1 again
  • Select Option 5 (Night Shift)

MTN Uganda has gone out of his way to surprise its users with offers, which include FREE data packages at any time of the month (Sometime 1GB, 500MB and so forth). Stunts like these have left MTN’s customer base anxious for offers such as these.

Become an MTN Pulser

MTN Pulse is an initiative by MTN Uganda targeting the youths, giving them the power to be themselves, unleash their full potential and live life with #NoFear.

Joining MTN Pulse is a dial away.

To be part of MTN Pulse:

  • Dial *157#
  • Select Option 1 to JOIN (You will receive a welcome message)
  • After this, you can select any of the other pulse options such as Bundles, Freebies, Tickets for Pulse Jam Fest and so much more.

The offers given to a pulser include:

  • Great partner specials for meals, taxis.
  • Daily and Weekend data bundles specially for pulsers
  • Great products e.g. Gaming
  • Great opportunities to make revenue-generating content for MTN Shortz i.e. create interesting, entertaining or educative videos and post on MTN’s brand new video platform – MTN Shortz. For every view of the content, the owners get a portion of the revenue generated

Affordable music streaming on TIDAL

MTN Uganda’s partnership with TIDAL bridged a way to an affordable and incentivized way for MTN users to have access to music at very affordable prices.

TIDAL is subscription-based music, podcast, and video streaming service that combines lossless audio and high-definition music videos with exclusive content and special features on music.

If you are a new subscriber (using MTN Uganda), you can get a FULL month FREE streaming offer.

For those who are not new TIDAL users, or have already used their free month trial, you can activate a plan using MTN Uganda.

To join TIDAL and enjoy music streaming, exclusive video and audio content, live concerts and so on, here is how you can access it affordably as an MTN user.

  • Dial *165*66#
  • Select any of the options

Below are the prices for MTN Uganda Tidal music streaming service

Subscription Offers1 DAY3 DAYS7 DAYS30 DAYS
Subscription ONLY (No Data)6001,5004,00010,000
Subscription Inclusive Data – MTN Pulse Customers10002,0005,00012,000
Subscription Inclusive Data: Non MTN Pulse Customers15003,5006,00015,000

Affordable calling offers

MTN Uganda has packaged a ton of calling rates and offers for its users. These are mostly favorable for MTN to MTN users. Many of this come at sliced prices, but quite a chunk load of calling time is offered.

One of these include MTN’s MyPakaPaka Mins.

These are spiced up with SMS’s and MBs, to add to the minutes.

In order to access MyPakaPaka Mins:

  • Dial *150#
  • Select option 5 (MyPakaPaka)
  • Select option 2 (MyPakaPaka Mins)

NOTE: These vary for different users, but are still cheap and affordable.

You can easily use all these MTN services with MTN Uganda’s mobile app. The My MTN App can be got on google play store or apple store. Feel free to download it and enjoy.