5 Firefox Extensions and Add-ons to Try out

5 Firefox Extensions and Add-ons to Try out-ugtechmag.com
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Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini are internet browsers that help web users search for desired information easily. Anyone that uses search engines or browsers has most likely heard of browser extensions or add-ons and this article aims at showing users the top browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox. But first, let us define some terms and answer some frequently asked questions.

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What are Firefox Extensions?

Browser extensions and add-ons are software modules used to customize web browsers. They function within web browsers to extend their functionality and improve the browser experiences of internet users.

There are numerous extensions available on Firefox that can add much-needed features to the browser but before we look at examples in depth, let us answer some commonly asked questions.

All kinds of extensions are available that can add different features to your Firefox browser. You can get them from the Firefox extension library and other locations online.

Are Firefox Extensions Safe?

Yes, Firefox extensions or add-ons are safe. Many of these extensions are not developed by Firefox but rather, by independent third parties or software developers. After development, they are tested for loopholes and privacy leaks before Mozilla flags them as useable and safe.

Mozilla however encourages being mindful of the permissions these extensions ask to access when being installed.

Best Firefox Extensions or Add-ons

Listed below are some of the Firefox extensions and add-ons you need to check out that will take your browsing experience to another level.


5 Firefox Extensions and Add-ons to Try out-ugtechmag.com

LastPass is a Firefox extension that helps users manage their passwords and log-in credentials for accounts. It is a popular password managing extension. It keeps users’ passwords accessible and more secure by using two-factor authentification on protected servers.

Features of Last Pass

  • Protects passwords and helps users manage them easily
  • Stores passwords in the cloud and this means you don’t have to remember all your passwords.
  • Has a sync feature that lets you access your passwords across different devices so long as you are logged in.

uBlock Origin

5 Firefox Extensions and Add-ons to Try out-ugtechmag.com

You most likely hate those pop-up ads that interrupt you as you scroll through the world wide web. God knows I do. Software developers put this into consideration as they developed this Mozilla extension.

uBlock Origin is free to download open-source browser extension used for content filtering and ad blocking, It is also available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Pale Moon, and other browsers. It is popular among internet users and has been praised to be much less memory intensive as compared to other browser extensions.

Features of uBlock Origin

  • Blocks ads to give you an interruption-free internet experience.
  • Blocks trackers to protect your privacy.
  • Boosts the performance of your device and browser by blocking Javascript.


5 Firefox Extensions and Add-ons to Try out-ugtechmag.com

Grammarly is one of the most used browser extensions worldwide as it helps with spelling and general grammar when writing emails or web content. It comes in handy with confusing and often misspelled words like their, there, where, and were among others.

This tool is recommended for people that send one or too many emails a day, bloggers, content creators, and people with an English deficiency.

Features of Grammarly

  • Proofreading and editing emails and any other online content on your browser.
  • Correcting errors in one click.
  • A premium feature that lets you check for plagiarism.


5 Firefox Extensions and Add-ons to Try out-ugtechmag.com

SEO Quake is a Firefox extension that helps users looking to boost and monitor their search engine optimization. It is a free-to-download extension that gives users access to various SEO metrics for each visited page. The extension also lets users carry out an SEO analysis of their and other web pages. It also further lets users execute SEO audits by checking their pages’ SEO health using real-time diagnostic features that identify and fixes optimization issues that crop up.

Features of SEO Quake

  • Provides SEO results for personal and other web pages.
  • Evaluates and compare the user-friendliness of your page with competitors.
  • Displays backlinks, traffic, ads, and any other SEO information for visited pages.
  • Exports SEO results to a CSV format.

Tree Style Tab

You at one point have had numerous tabs open on your browser and this has most likely led to you losing control, closing important ones, or recycling already open ones at your convenience. It is here that the Firefox extension, Tree Style Tab comes in handy.

It works by letting you organize your tabs in expandable trees and this helps you keep track of your tabs, websites, and pages as you go back and forth over the internet. The extension generates the tab tree automatically and it bases on cues like search activity to come up with a better tab organization.

Features of Tree Style lab

  • Automatically opens every search result in a new tab to avoid closing the older one.
  • Allows users to adjust the formulated tab tree using the drag and drop function.

Other extensions you can check out include BitWarden, Language Tool, Tranquility Reader, and Enhancer for YouTube.

Wrap-Up: Different extensions serve different purposes and they are available for download, free of charge. Some have a premium version that requires payment but this should not stop you from trying out the free versions. Find the right extension that serves you depending on what you personally desire and better your browsing experience.