How to apply for KRA Pin online

Apply for KRA Pin online -
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A KRA Pin is a unique identifier that enables individuals to transact business with government agencies and other service providers. As much as documents such as identification cards and birth certificates are important, a KRA Pin is also important. We are able to apply for jobs with the help of our KRA Pins. The Kenya Regulation Authority (KRA) is responsible for all assessing and accounting for all revenue in Kenya.

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One of the requirements necessary when opening a bank account is a KRA Pin. A KRA Pin is also necessary for areas such as applying for a driving license, applying for a Kenyan passport, applying for a trade license, and applying for business permits among others. When applying for a KRA Pin the following process is to be followed:

Step-by-Step: Apply for KRA Pin Online

1. First, visit the portal

2. Select the KRA Pin registration page

Apply for KRA Pin Online - - 1

3. Fill in the form provided and submit your online order service

4. A registration fee of Kshs.200 will be required for online service request

5. Once your order has been processed and done, your new KRA Pin Certificate together with your iTax Login credentials (your iTax password) will be sent to your Email Address so as to enable you to log in to your KRA iTax Account.

And just like that, your process to apply for a KRA Pin online has been a success.

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Requirements needed are:

1. For Kenyan citizens – Kenyan identification Number

2. For Non-Kenyan Residents – Alien Individual Number